How AI is transforming the healthcare industry?

How AI is transforming the healthcare industry?
How AI is transforming the healthcare industry?

Can AI be used in the healthcare industry? If yes, what are the ways it can be implemented and the domains it will be most useful in? How can AI chatbots be used to cater to patients and save valuable time for healthcare professionals, ultimately contributing to the Healthcare industry? What are the challenges that we come across while implementing AI in the Healthcare sector?

In this article, I am going to shed light on these topics and answer all the questions that come to mind.

In the past few years, AI has made a huge leap and brought about a significant impact in various industries. But its impact on the healthcare industry has been truly revolutionary. AI has the ability to mimic human cognitive functions using techniques such as Machine Learning and natural language processing making it the closest thing to a human brain. This ability is the primary reason for AI being so efficient in changing the way the Healthcare industry functions.

There has been a defining change in the ways of treatment that has already improved patient outcomes on a large scale. AI is being widely used by cardiologists, neurologists, oncologists to name a few, to better serve their patients. By using AI, therapeutic errors can be minimized and automated solutions such as AI chatbots can easily make predictions about potential health risks well in time.

To get a better idea of how AI has transformed the Healthcare Industry, we must study The Impact of AI on Healthcare Industry:

Reduction in human error

As per a recent study, around 10% of patient deaths and a number of hospital complications are a result of diagnostic errors. With the help of AI, the errors involved such as errors in diagnosis can be reduced to a great extent and better patient outcomes can be expected at reduced costs.

Brings intelligence to the healthcare industry

For a very long time, technology especially machines has not been able to keep up with the evolving medical challenges and as a result the Healthcare industry has been using outdated machines and technologies leading to inaccurate results and errors in the treatment process.

With the advent of AI, the results of all the body scanning machines such as MRI, CT scan, etc. have seen drastic improvements, and these machines now provide highly accurate results leading to the right treatment at the right time.

Minor infections to tumors or clots can also be detected at a very early stage with the help of AI which was not possible earlier.

Makes the process of bill payment easy

Patients are generally unclear and confused about their insurance plans but with AI involved, read more.

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