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Have you ever thought about the amount of time you spend providing repetitive information about your business & services to your customers?

If the answer is yes, then I presume you must be spending a great deal of money to engage your clients through a support team or are already fed up with the task if you do it yourself. Chances are you are already looking for a way out, a solution to this problem. Voila, you are at the right place at the right time.

Since the task at hand requires answering the same set of questions to different users, the responses are invariably similar. Would it not be great if you could use a pre-programmed machine or an app to accomplish the task? A device or an app that could carry out the job effectively and, at the same time, satisfy customers; it would certainly save a lot of trouble.

What if I told you that A chatbot for a website could provide information to your customers instantly, and save you money simultaneously (among other things!).

Yes, you heard that right! If you are a business owner whose business is dependent on website traffic, then A chatbot for a website is just what you need. It can answer customer queries, book appointments, collect data, collect customer feedback, etc. It can be designed to provide specific information about your business and services to customers in a way that you desire. If you think that it would need a certain level of expertise or coding, among other skills on your part, to make something like that, you will be surprised to know that it does not. You can design a chatbot in a few easy steps within no time and deploy it on your website to better serve your customers and grow your business.

2. What is a Chatbot on a website?

A chatbot is an automated software that can simulate chat conversation and can be deployed on a website. It will interact with every visitor on the site & collect useful information by engaging users in a dynamic chat conversation. Chatbots react according to customer needs, and provide answers to resolve their queries. This lets your workforce take up other useful tasks, thereby saving time and money. Chatbot used in customer support can cut your operational costs & improve the overall efficiency of your business. The best part is that some of the leading chatbot building platforms such as BotPenguin are free, letting you achieve all this without investing a single penny.

Since we now know what chatbots are, let us delve deeper into the benefits of using a chatbot on the website.

3. Benefits of deploying a Chatbot on website

A chatbot offers multiple benefits to the user. It can potentially double your lead generation rate, help you achieve better growth and more satisfied customers. It’s the first line of customer support and can do wonders for a business. The significant advantages of a chatbot on website are;

•Accessibility: An automated software, a chatbot is available 24/7 to service your customers

•No human errors: Chatbots are error-free.

•Instant response: They respond instantly to the customer queries with zero waiting time.

•Automates frequently done tasks: Monotonous tasks can be instantly automated using a chatbot.

•Monitors consumer data and analytics: Data captured by a chatbot can provide you valuable insights about the number of clients, their behavior, location, most desired services, etc.

•Manages orders and appointments: It can manage your orders and schedule appointments or business meetings for you.

•Customer satisfaction: It’s error-free & never makes a client wait, thereby achieving better customer satisfaction.

•Savings: A bot can handle millions of queries and save thousands of working hours for your workforce.

•Applicable in various industries: A different template & set of questions are readily available for multiple types of industries.

4.How to create a Chatbot for your website

Building a chatbot is as easy as it gets. This step by step guide on building a chatbot for a website will let you create and deploy one in 5 simple steps. We shall use the BotPenguin platform to elaborate the process as we find BotPenguin very user friendly.

-Go to and click on “Get Started Free”

-Sign up with your credentials, After signing up, login to your account and click on “Create Bot”.

4.1. Choose the Platform

It’s the first step in building a chatbot. Select the platform from the given options where you want to deploy your bot.

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4.2. Choose the type of Chatbot

Depending on the needs of your business, select the type of chatbot and select the use case which the primary function you want the chatbot for

Lead Generation :

Many visitors on website and social media platform but low conversion rate?
Choose this lead conversion chatbot to increase lead conversion by 40% on an average.

Customer Service

If you want to answer queriesabout orders and provide information about your products and services.
Choose this Customer Service Chatbot to reduce time to answer queries like booking policy, order status

Assistant Bot

If you want to answer queriesabout orders and provide information about your products and services.
Choose this assistant Chatbot to reduce time to answer queries like booking policy, order status

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4.3. Designing the chatbot

After you select the type of bot you need, start working on its appearance. You can customize it to match the color, background theme of your website.

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You can simply put your brand logo or photo of your employee. You can change the bot name to your companies name or any other name. Chat background color and theme color can also be changed. Example of customized design is given below:

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