Build a Chatbot with these 10 Easy Steps

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You always wanted to discover how chatbots will be effective for your business but could not? You always wanted to design your own chatbot, but could not?

There is no need to search anymore, you can do it now simply by following these easy steps:

1. Understand your chatbot’s goals and define them:

First, the most important thing is to identify and be specific in what your chatbot actual goals are. You must specify the kind of goals you want to achieve using it, do you want to use it to sell something? Or just want to answer customer queries? or want to increase customer engagement?

2. Do thorough research about your target users:

Once you are clear with the goal of your chatbot, you must do detailed research on your users about what they actually want and what their needs are.

Then you must ensure that your chatbot goals match with the user’s needs. If not, then you need to realign the goals that you wish to achieve with your chatbot.

3. Create a user Persona Beforehand:

After you have done a detailed study about who the target users are and what are their needs, start creating user personas, in simple words, decide a personality of your target users and define their parameters:

· What will be the age group?

· Which genders are to be targeted?

· The language of the users.

· Their tentative location.

· Their professions.

4. Create a list of topics you want to cover:

Once you know about the goals and target, start creating a list where you need to sum up the topics that you intend your chatbot to cover e.g what all questions it can answer.

It becomes really important for you to define which topics your chatbot can cover, obviously you cannot expect it to do everything.

5. Be specific about the figure of speech:

After finishing with the preliminary steps, a really important aspect is to be taken care of i.e. you must give a personality to your chatbot and that personality must define your brand.

You must give it the same figure of speech as your target users. Be clear about the tone of your bot, decide on different aspects, make choices about the style of the chatbot. The style must be engaging to the user and must create a connection between your brand and the user. Read more.

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