An Ultimate Guide to Chatbot Marketing

chatbot marketing

When you think of chatbot marketing, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Several different ideas come to mind about planning and executing marketing via chatbots. And the primary question is, “What it’ll be like to entrust customer support services to a robot?”

Here comes the reality- in today’s time, ideal marketing, sales, and support teams are making constant and severe progress with their chatbot marketing strategy.

We are here to support you as one of those brands with Rockin and strong chatbot marketing. Today we will discuss the deep down ends on how to develop an exclusive marketing strategy via bots for your business. Let’s get started about the best practices for a nearly-human bot experience. You’ll also learn how to derive the most value of chatbots on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

“It is a way of promoting products, services, and business ideas using chatbot marketing. It is termed as a computer application that carries out the conversation between business and customer, and provides a personalized set of solutions with the help of AI (artificial intelligence).”

In this high-end business environment, chatbots help companies achieve a high level of engagement, solve requests instantly, generate more qualified leads, and more. Hence, it promises the growth of revenue but, at the same time, asks for responsibility.

Here we go!

Tips for your Chatbot Marketing Strategy!

Research Relevant FAQs

To build a useful bot, analyze which difficulties your customers might experience and what they don’t understand about your product or service. And we suggest formulating FAQ content as per the research. For instance, you can analyze the data within a marketing platform, small survey, or gathering feedback from your prospects.

Moreover, if you choose to build a chatbot for lead generation, sales, or any other service, always remember to follow this tip and make your customer journeys seamless by turning your bot more useful and leading your chatbot marketing strategy to newer heights.

Create your Conversation Tree

Bots work impressively when given a robust set of questions or situations. And without any specificity, it becomes tough for your bot to deliver an accurate solution to the prospects. Hence, this is the reason why a conversation tree plays a key role.

It’s like a roadmap for a bot to function over your website or any other platform; from the initial greeting or hello, you need to set the pattern and how the conversation will go. Thus, it would be best to build a chat flow for every different path the interaction may turn.

Entirely Open-Ended Conversations should be Avoided

It might lead to confusion for your chatbot and a poor user experience. If you don’t have the highly advanced processing language, an open-ended question like “how can I help you today” could go in numerous directions. Your user can choose any statements by tapping on them, and the bot will provide a solution accordingly. Thus, this makes chatbot marketing more seamless and productive.

Hence, by following this enormous tip, you will be able to formulate an excellent chatbot marketing strategy.

Let People Know that you are Here!

Statistics show that chatbot isn’t the technology that is turned off by people, as you’d think. It’s been noticed 69% of consumers prefer interacting with chatbots as compared to in-app support. All are just fond of instant answers to their requests. And only a small ratio of people likes traditional ways-email or social support.

Hence, this can be achieved in your chatbot marketing, too, by baking this into your bot experience for your users. Let individuals know about your brand and product by its welcome messages and instantly touch them.

AWarm Message to Welcome!

Just like you express your brand idea over any social media platform, you need to think about your bot’s voice and tone that will align your brand perfectly. Perhaps, it acts as a natural extension of your brand’s voice and style.

Few companies choose to be more robotic and follow “bot-ness.” It’s all about your creativity. To pull out better results, you just need to stick to it through Conclusion out your conversation tree. To nail the show at the starting is to get active in the opening text.

To be more precise, you can also include things like:

  • A catchy hi
  • Expectation — setting (letting people know)
  • First question with plenty and suitable options to capture as many as possible user journeys as you can.

Keep Track of your Bot’s Effectiveness!

One of the significant areas of concern will be-is this thing working? And working will have multiple meanings as per the use case. If you’re using a bot to improve your customer support services via chatbot marketing, then it would be quite an easy metric to check. Whereas, if you measure the effectiveness of education, marketing, or sales, it might be limited to track the bot’s success with measurable codes or links.

If you plan a chatbot marketing strategy correctly, then you even end up measuring ROI (return on investment) from the chatbot, which could be incredible.

A Great Substitute for Email Newsletters

Did you know how chatbots work outbound? As there is a big room to experiment and get creative here. And one of the best ways of using your chatbot marketing is for a content delivery system.

For instaConclusion, on Facebook Messenger, users talk to a bot and are added to your contact list. Hence, you can take advantage of this moment; you can ask these folks to hear regular updates and announcements from you. And that means you just created a subscriber list on your Facebook messenger chatbot. Thus, it can be the ultimate chatbot marketing strategy for content delivery.

Send Trends and Surveys!

With constant upliftment in the adoption of chatbot marketing, you have a good chance of conducting surveys. Email is quite severe surveying the audience, but it’s a bit easier to via bots. Completing surveys is quite impactful as you can occasionally message them with a short and simple survey. With this, you can get into deep and relevant market insights.

Adorn your Chatbot Marketing Personalization

Several big giants are customizing their chatbot marketing strategy; you are not confused a bit about this, no worries. Just dip into the data by anticipating your audience’s most common questions and filling up your bot with these details. These simple customized touches can make a delightful experience for your customers. Some mighty chatbot powers are listed below:

  • Domino’s lets you order pizza instantly.
  • CheapFlights tells the users the best options for price range and dates.
  • Room availability is notified by the Marriott bot.
  • Universal Studios means the wait time for rides via bot.

Promote your Chatbot!

It is one of the essential tips to follow. Your chatbot on your website will only be successful if your audience will find it and use it on your website or any social platforms. As people visit your Facebook page and are routed to you on Messenger, you can practice and introduce it to your potential customers.

Few Ways of Promoting your Bot are

  • Mention your chatbot in a list of your customer support channels.
  • Adding a call-to-action on your blog or site.
  • Advertising on social media for people to opt-in to chatbot experience.


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